I am a dreamer, a teacher, a makeup artist, a realist, a believer in all things good, a coffee-addict, and a shoe obsessed  lover of all things colourful, feminine and fun… and that’s just the beginning of all things Ammin.

I love makeup – and the wonderful world of opportunities that it opens us up to.  Makeup is a way for everyone and anyone to express their creativity; whether it may be through bold lips, dramatic eyes or just that hint of golden bronzer (that makes us shine like the goddesses we all are).

I’m a believer  that makeup is a powerful tool that not only makes us all sparkle on the outside like bright stars, but also enhances our inner beauty. When you feel good on the outside, everything beautiful on the inside flows together as well – and then we have a harmonious symphony of beauty.

So smile, stay positive and love – the amazing world we live in is waiting for us to paint it red!

If you are located in the Montreal area and are interested in my services as a makeup artist, contact me and we will discuss how we can work together!
To request my rates, please contact me by email at ammin.grewal@gmail.com.

**Only serious, business related inquiries will be read and answered.**

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Joey Figsby says:

    I love you ms.Grewal msg me back ur the best teacher ever

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