The Big Day!

Fall is my absolute favourite season… After all, what’s not to love? The leaves are changing colours, giving everything a stunning glow – which is so inspiring. All the different hues coming from the trees and sky lead to numerous creative ideas and of course countless makeup looks!

Since Autumn is such a beautiful time, in my opinion it’s the best time for a wedding – especially on a lovely Fall day! Clearly Sharina agrees with me – and was super lucky to have amazing weather on her big day. Sharina is all about looking natural, and wanted to look just that on her wedding day. She specifically asked for a look that didn’t make her look too overdone, but like her self – well, a glamazon bridal version of herself. I agreed, and used the golden hues of Fall as an inspiration for her morning wedding ceremony!

**Sharina is in the process of getting ready in these pictures – her hair hasn’t been done, nor is she wearing her jewellery which will all come together in making her look like a traditional Indian bride.

One thought on “The Big Day!

  1. Mitchell says:

    God, I feel like I sholud be takin notes! Great work

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