Spring Trend Watch: Bold cheeks

In my mind spring is officially here in Montreal. I’ve made the (bold) move of even putting my winter jackets back in the (way) back of my closet – exactly where they belong. Premature? Maybe – but at this point I’m not looking back.
So with the arrival of spring and the shedding of heavy layers and jackets (I will never say goodbye to my scarves though), why not talk about the trend that I’ve been sporting since the winter – little did I know that it would be a hit for spring 2011.

Kim Kardashian - Bold Cheeks (http://kimkardashian.celebuzz.com/photos/)

Kim Kardashian perfected it – Ammin imitated it; bold cheeks. I don’t have Kim’s perfectly sculpted cheeks, but I do the best that I can to copy her look with… drum roll please… makeup! Are we surprised? I channel my inner Kim every morning with two simple steps for my face; this consists of bronzer on the hallows of my cheek and blush on the apples. Not very difficult – but always beautiful. The trend that is here to stay for spring is bold cheeks – the perfect time (and oppurtunity) to perk up a drab complexion after the long, cold and tiring months of winter that we’ve endured.
If you want to play up your cheeks, here is a list of some of my favourite products to help you do so. The pigmentation on some of these can be a little intense – so it’s perfect for tanned skin! However, it is important to always tap off the excess from your brush, or you can end up looking like a courtesan from the 1600s instead of a glamazon from 2011!

Cargo Blush - Rome

Blush #1CARGO Blush in Rome and Laguna
I love Cargo Cosmetics – a Canadian company with amazing products (sadly not sold at Sephora anymore). Their blushes are excellent – with amazing pigment and go on so smooth, and you get a lot of product in a super cute little tin can. Both these colours have amazing colour payoff – perfect for the bold cheeks of spring 2011.

MAC Powder Blush in Desert Rose

Blush #2MAC Powder Blush in Desert Rose
What I love most about MAC blushes are the strong colour payoffs – which is perfect for a girl with a tanned complexion (the number of times that I have bought a blush and it hasn’t shown up on my skin is rather disappointing). This blush is no different – it has a beautiful matte finish which glides on smoothly for a perfectly pink-kissed look. It’s not a shocking pink, which is what makes it perfect for any skin complexion. Not to mention that it can help in channeling your inner Kim!

These three blushes are the favourites that I reach for when I need a pop of colour on my cheeks. I’ve also heard great things about Smashbox’s Blush Rush in Radiance (a bright fuchsia). I haven’t been able to justify purchasing it just yet – but it is definitely the next blush to try out on my list!

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  1. I’ve been searching the search engines for exactly what you’ve submitted.

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