Primer… Primer Potion?

So, what’s the deal with all these new products that are available in the makeup industry? I’m a regular at Sephora – and yet every time I walk in I seem to encounter a new product for this or for that. It’s come to a point where even I can’t keep up – and as a result, I don’t always buy into the hype of, well, over-hyped products.

Urban Decay - Primer Potion

I’m probably one of the only makeup obsessed girls who hasn’t bought into the hype of the primer. This includes face primer (the type worn underneath foundation) and the over-hyped primer potions that are worn underneath eyeshadows. I’m a simple girl – I set my eyelid area with concealer; easy and fast. It seems to do the trick – my eyeshadow never creases, the colour is always beautifully pigmented and rich plus most of all, it always lasts all night. Actually, the nights that I’m too lazy to wash off my makeup (I know, I know) – I wake up in the morning with my eyeshadow looking better than it did the night before! So why should I waste $20-$30 on a primer potion when my $7 Hide the Blemish Concealer by Rimmel not only conceals, but also acts as a primer?

Rimmel - Hide the Blemish Concealer

Urban Decay Primer Potion

A few weeks ago when I bought my first Urban Decay Palette (The Black Palette) it came with their ever so famous Primer Potion. This past weekend, I decided to give it a shot – and used it underneath my eyeshadow. My eyeshadow went on exactly the same as it did with my concealer – yes, it didn’t crease or smudge – but it doesn’t anyways. So, is it worth the hype? Maybe my skin chemistry works well with the Rimmel concealer and as a result I don’t have to use a primer – or maybe the concealer I use has an excellent formula – but I have not been converted over to the primer potion side yet.
So ladies, before you give into the hype and rush out to buy a Primer Potion, I suggest you try Rimmel’s Hide the Blemish Concealer. You’ll be paying half the price for a product that can work as a concealer and a primer. Trust me, it’s worth trying it out!

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