The Black Palette

I love reading makeup and fashion blogs and for the past year I have been reading a lot of positive reviews on eye products from Urban Decay. We all know that I’m a sucker for anything that has to do with makeup – especially eye makeup, so I definitely wanted to try their products.

Urban Decay - Naked Palette

What really has caught my eye over the past few months is the Naked Palette by Urban Decay and have been dying to use it. Unfortunately my local Sephora here in Montreal – and all of them in Quebec – do not carry any Urban Decay products (yes – my heart broke). So how was I supposed to get my hands on a palette that is sold out almost everywhere in North America? I already have one strike against me since Montreal stores don’t carry the line – a second strike since Urban Decay doesn’t ship to Canada and a third strike since the palette is completely sold out on the Sephora website as well.

Urban Decay - The Black Palette

This leads me to the point of today’s blog entry – I was on spring break this past week (a well deserved restfull break that I desperately needed – I am now energized and ready to blog on the regular once again) and decided to visit my two best friends in Toronto. Of course I had to visit the Sephora – and was sucked in by the shiny Urban Decay section. Unfortunately they didn’t have the Naked Palette in stock (big surprise there) – but they did have a few other palettes. I love a smokey eye as we all know, so I was instantly drawn to the beautiful Black Palette – perfect for a girl who loves a smokey and dramatic eye.
Not only are these eyeshadows extremely pigmented – but they go on so smoothly it’s unbelievable! I used the palette on myself and my friends this weekend and we loved the results! I can see myself turning into an Urban Decay junkie – although none of the stores near me carry the line (maybe that’s a blessing in disguise?).
I am still waiting to get Naked, that’s for sure. My friend is in NYC for work this week, and the palette has been sold out since October. I can’t wait to get my hands on this coveted palette – and hope that it lives up to it’s hype, which I’m positive that it will.

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