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Oodles of Volume…

I naturally have thin hair that falls flat in about 30 seconds. I’ve tried just about every product out there to get voluminous hair – and unfortunately, everything falls flat. The only time that I seem to have hair that is full is when I’ve been in the ocean water. I guess it’s the salt – but it does wonders for my hair. Not only does my flat hair seem to get bigger, but my hair becomes curly with beautiful ringlets. So, when I heard about the Lush brand’s BIG shampoo (of course here in Montreal we get the french version Volumineux) I was excited to try it. What sold me on this shampoo was that it’s not only completely natural and handmade, but it’s full of sea salt and seaweed – so if I love the ocean water for my hair, maybe this shampoo would come in as a close second.
I’ve been using it for about a week now, and I must say that I do see a difference in my hair. My hair does have more volume than before, plus it’s very healthy looking with a lot of shine. I’m very happy with the results so far – after all who doesn’t love big and sexy hair? However, I’m definitely interested to see what condition my hair is in after using the entire container – I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll be satisfied with the results!

The Great Nail Polish Swap

I’m a self proclaimed girly girl – I love anything that can be related back to beauty or fashion. If it’s pretty and makes me feel pretty – I have to have it. Unfortunately this can eat into my budget – especially a high school teacher’s budget. Well, luckily for me one of my good friend’s Joanna often finds herself in the exact same predicament. We both love pretty things – especially pretty nail polishes – which at $10 a bottle (unless we’re buying the Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro) can really add up.

A few weeks ago after a long teaching week – we both separately went out and bought a few bottles of OPI nail polish (can you blame us, they were having a sale!) and gushed about our purchases over the phone. We realized that often enough we were both buying the same colours – and then it hit us… Why not just trade bottles from time to time instead of spending money on new bottles? I mean, let’s face it – how many of us actually use a full bottle of nail polish?

So ladies – why not save some money – and do a nail polish swap with a close girlfriend. What’s better than shopping without spending any money – especially with all the gorgeous Spring/Summer collections that will be out soon!

The 5-Minute Face

Before - No Makeup

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine had asked me if I could do her makeup for a birthday event downtown Montreal. Of course, I agreed, and actually planned my own evening plans around the makeup session.

She came over with an idea already in mind – an intense and dramatic smokey eye that she had seen on my blog. However there was a catch – and it was a big one; it turned out that she was running late and I had fifteen minutes to do a full face of makeup! I’m always up for a challenge – but this was definitely a challenge.

After - 5 Minute Face

I got to work right away – evening out her skin with foundation, concealer and powder to set. I left it extremely simple – not doing anything fancy. Quickly I added blush and a little bit of a highlighter and then got started on the eyes. By this point, I had about seven minutes left to complete a smokey eye. I used three colours – a black, a grey and a highlight.
Using those three colours I created a simple smokey eye – nothing extremely elaborate – but something pretty for a night out. Ruby has very sensitive eyes – and can’t wear mascara, so I skipped out on mascara completely. I added liquid eyeliner to the lashline – and voila! a simple smokey eye. Ruby asked me not to put anything on her lips – which cut out from my prep time – and I was done in about 15 minutes flat (not bad for me – I’m a self proclaimed perfectionist!).

After - 5 Minute Face

Review: Benefit BADgal Mascara

On a recent trip to Sephora in Montreal, I traded in 500 points (obsessed much?) for my “free” gift, which included Benefit’s BADgal Mascara and Benefit’s Coralista (a warm coral blush). I was excited, not only because I got free samples (the mascara was travel size – the blush was full size) but because I have recently been reading a lot of reviews on this particular mascara. Unfortunately, on my lashes the mascara didn’t do the trick. My lashes are long & thin, and this mascara has a huge brush which is supposed to fatten them up. Unfortunately, nothing happened to my lashes- my (much) cheaper L’Oreal Double Extend mascara put this tube to shame. However, I decided not to give up on this (free sample) mascara, because let’s face it – one girl’s garbage mascara can be another girl’s treasure mascara. I used the BADgal mascara on Vivi, and it worked wonders on her lashes! Her lashes are thicker than mine – and this mascara not only thickened them up (even more) but also lengthened & separated beautifully.

Benefit BADgal Mascara & Coralista Blush


So ladies, before you run to Sephora and spend an extra ten dollars on mascara, I suggest you check out any L’Oreal mascara (I also like the Maybelline falsies line). Sometimes, it’s just not worth it to buy higher end masacara tubes, when the brands at Pharmaprix (Shopper’s Drug Mart) perform the same (if not better) tasks. Plus the ten dollars you save can be put to other makeup… Or on a trip to a beautiful remote island to get away from the winter blues.

Sky high… Julian Louie for Aldo

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love, love, love shoes – the higher the better has always been my policy. Last night I was wasting time on the internet while watching mindless tv (think: Jersey Shore) and came across the new line that Julian Louie is designing for Aldo‘s Spring 2011 Collection. This collection has my name written all over it (I can just imagine my sister rolling her eyes as she reads this) and can’t wait for these funky shoes to actually be out in stores – although looking (and feeling) the weather outside here in Montreal, I don’t think I’m going to be wearing open toed wedges anytime soon (sadly).

Aldo for Julian Louie - Spring 2011

Golden Hues

Before - No Makeup

I’ve always been in love with gold – probably due to my Indian upbringing. My favourite use of the colour gold is in makeup – gold eyeshadow, golden bronzer even gold tinted lipgloss, I love it all.
The best thing about gold and makeup is that it completely channels summer with sunkissed eyes, lips and cheeks. Since we’re sitting in the middle of winter here in Montreal (seriously, is it spring yet?), I decided to include some summer in my life (and Dena’s life! – afterall what’s better than summer in Montreal?) with a very simple golden look.

After - Golden Hues

However, I decided not to completely bathe Dena in golds – after all, it isn’t summer yet and we’re not partying in the south of Spain (unfortunately). Instead I opted for a golden eye, with a darkened crease and a soft pink lip. To play up the drama a little bit more, I included heavy eyeliner and a lot of mascara which made the blues of Dena’s eyes pop. The results were warm and pretty – hot enough to melt away anyone’s winter blues.

This is a very simple look that anyone can recreate. Following your normal base routine (foundation, concealer and powder), I used NARS Orgasm blush on the apples of the cheek and Tarte’s Park Avenue Princess bronzer for contouring (in the hollows of the cheeks). For the eyes I used two colours for this look (that’s it – only two colours) – the predominant colour being Mac’s Goldmine with Kat Von D’s Lucifer in the crease and outer “V” of the eyes. I lined her lashline with Stila’s Smudgepot, and used Benefit’s BadGal Mascara (a review on this product to come this week). I kept it simple with her lips, lining them with an Annie Young lipliner in Candy followed by a lipstick in the same brand called Glamour – although any matte pink will do the trick.

After - Golden Hues

After - Golden Hues

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