Real Men wear Pink… and Makeup?

Before - No Makeup

Before - No Makeup

My younger brother is the epitome of metrosexual. He’s handsome, fit and very stylish; he often takes longer than me to get ready, and he never leaves the house unless every hair is in place. I needed a male model so I could get my feet wet with male makeup, so who better to ask than my brother? Well, unfortunately he decided to move out to Alberta – so I had to scramble looking for a male model who would be man enough to let me do their makeup. A friend of mine stepped up to the plate, and actually enjoyed every minute of his makeover. Male makeup isn’t like female makeup – you don’t want to make the man look ‘pretty’ nor do you want to take away from the darkness or roughness that makes them manly. So boys, don’t be scared of looking a little bit more polished on big days (think weddings, big parties etc) – it doesn’t make you less of a man.

After - Male Makeup

After - Male Makeup

After - Male Makeup

After - Male Makeup

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